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 working with GACSO to grow the sustainability profession

Upcoming Events

A number of events are being scheduled for GACSO members on critical challenges and developments – topics include Sustainable Finance, Carbon Accounting (Scope 2), Conflict Minerals and Human Rights- Click Here

All GACSO members can also attend  the full range of environment and sustainability events hosted by IEMA  - Click Here

DōShort: Sustainability in the Public Sector

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Defining the Corporate Sustainability Professional

This document produced by GACSO's Founding Members is the first publication from our initiative to establish a consensus on the role of the sustainable development professional.

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Defining Corporate Sustainability: A GACSO & IEMA White Paper

“An engagement process to build understanding around corporate sustainability is an excellent initiative for GACSO and IEMA.   I would encourage anyone interested in corporate sustainability from Chief Sustainability Officers to HR professionals to read this White Paper and to contribute their thoughts.   The sustainability landscape needs focus and agreement – GACSO and IEMA are now well placed to catalyse this debate to provide clarity around the role sustainability professionals play in supporting long term business success.

Francis Sullivan, GACSO founding member and HSBC Deputy Head of Global Corporate Sustainability.

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GACSO explores the big questions about the CS career

At a recent workshop we engaged with 50 sustainability professionals and got their views on some key topics. Click the image to hear their views....

Supporting and promoting our members' careers

Our members enjoy the following benefits:

  • an organisation focused on making the sustainability professional role more successful and more effective
  • membership of a respected organisation that works to increase the quality and quantity of opportunities and overall career security
  • a safe space providing support and mentoring via GACSO's network of experienced peers

Shaping the future...

“Joining with GACSO we are building a community of professionals committed to corporate sustainability. With our joint members we are developing principles and standards for a vibrant, leading profession. We are working to define and understand ‘corporate sustainability’ and to share and exchange practice on critical challenges and opportunities. Ours is a community with the ambition to transform organisations towards sustainability.  Join GACSO and help us shape the future.”  

Tim Balcon,  Chief Executive – GACSO and IEMA

Generating a shared purpose

GACSO is fast emerging as a highly credible source of support for Corporate Sustainability practitioners in the UK and beyond.

In orientating membership around the individual rather than the company, in engaging practitioners at all levels of seniority and focusing on creating intimate peer-to-peer support networks where members can exchange experiences and learn from each other in confidence, GACSO is providing a useful, value-for-money proposition to the Corporate Sustainability community.

Our greatest asset - the thing that most especially differentiates – is our explicit focus on Corporate Sustainability and the career development and impact of those who pursue that.

GACSO is positioning itself squarely around the concept and language of sustainable development and is therefore well placed to become the ‘place to go’ if sharp, edgy, game-changing thinking is your aspiration.

This sense of common purpose will be the glue that binds GACSO members together and enables them, together, to act as a credible source of thought leadership in the sustainability debate.

What’s sustainable development?

The principle of sustainable development can be explained as:

‘...being able to meet our needs today, while ensuring that what we leave behind
for future generations is
sustainable, for people and the planet.’

The social and environmental challenges that this generates can be brigaded in any number of ways. One would be to demarcate four categories: carbon, finite resource consumption, poverty and social exclusion, physical and emotional wellbeing.

In one way or another, every GACSO member is facing up to one of these four challenges. Otherwise why would they join GACSO? The challenge of sustainable development and the need for a robust business response, is the route through which practitioners across the membership add value to their organisations.

Read more about what sustainable development means to GACSO.

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