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Purpose & Principles
Purpose & Principles

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As senior sustainability professionals in the corporate sector, we live and breathe sustainable development but we do not have a professional body to represent our interests or to support our continuing professional development. That is the role that GACSO aims to fill.

GACSO is different from other networks and organisations because it is about:

  • individuals, not corporates
  • careers, not the issues.
GACSO helps existing and aspiring sustainability professionals:
  • make wiser choices in jobs
  • to be more relevant in organisations
  • to have more impact
  • work with more excellence
  • be part of a more respected profession


Download our introduction: GACSO Introduction


Our Principles

Creating value
  • for our members, the broader sustainability community, future sustainability professionals and our partners


  • with other organisations that share or can contribute to our purpose

  • creating a community that encourages mutual support and challenge

  • there are no guaranteed answers or sure-fire solutions to the complex arena we are engaged with so we need to always question and seek deeper understanding if we are to learn from our experience
  • what happens in other cultures and business environments around the world can inform and guide our actions 

  • what we learn and the wisdom we accumulate to the wider sustainability community and those that follow in our wake

  • we do not judge or discriminate; individuals join us because of the resonance and relevance of our purpose with theirs.

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