GACSO is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company limited by guarantee.


GACSO exists for its members and our governance and leadership model is made up of members, supported by consultants with operational, legal and accounting expertise.

GACSO was founded by Alan Knight OBE.  GACSO's Board is headed by our Chair, Stuart Poore, and has executive members who take on the responsibilities of Directors appointed from the membership. They are joined by a number of members who have non-executive roles and together these provide the governance and leadership, delegating operational responsibility to the CEO, Company Secretary and Accountant.

Founder: Alan Knight


Chair: Stuart Poore



  • Alan Knight
  • Stuart Poore

  • Mat Roberts

  • Colin Braidwood
  • Eileen Donnelly

  • Andrew Kluth

  • Dano Weisbord

  • Charles Layton

Company Secretary: Patrick Andrews


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