Group Coaching

Structured Group Coaching Programme

The Group Coaching Programme is a structured approach to accelerating peer to peer learning amongst GASCO members.  As with all good mentoring the environment is one of support, challenge and learning between peers that share similar experiences and career paths.

Such an approach to learning is particularly relevant in the context of the sustainability professional for two main reasons:

  1. The field is emerging and evolving and whilst courses and publications attempt to capture, make sense of and codify practice, the most current and relevant knowledge will be held by the practitioners themselves.  To an extent this will remain so for as long as it is the sustainability practitioner’s role to spot weak signals and new areas of concern and make sense of them for their organisation.

  2. Being a sustainability practitioner can be isolating, with many professionals situated in small teams or operating on their own.  Coming together in a community of practice offers a critical mechanism for staying sharp and fresh.

How it works

A group of up to six people commit to coming together 4-6 times in a year and fix the dates.  These meetings should be prioritised above nearly all other commitments. It is a learning contract with each other.

The group meets physically or virtually for half a day. Each member with an issue they would like support on then spends time outlining the challenge they face.  The other group members ask questions to help the coachee think more carefully about the challenge and to discover and learn new approaches to address the challenge faced.  The member then commits to trying out a new action/experiment and to report back on how it went.

Subject matter can be technical, political, relational and even personal. The only stipulation is that the topic helps the practitioner become more effective in their profession.

A facilitator moderates the session, allocates and manages the timing, role models good coaching behaviour and makes time for the group to discuss how they are working together as a learning team.

The learning outcome

All members, whether issue holders or not, will learn from this process.

Learning happens at three levels: about the issue which is being addressed; about what is being learned about oneself (habits, patterns, style etc); about the process of learning i.e. learning to learn.  The 2nd and 3rd levels are essential for the transfer of learning to other situations.


Currently two groups will be run in parallel every year, starting in autumn each year.  Members can find the details of the dates and the enrollment process can HERE.

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