Member Benefits

Creating value for members

GACSO helps Sustainable Development Professionals:
  • make wiser choices in jobs
  • to be more relevant in organisations
  • to have more impact and create more value
  • work with more excellence
  • be part of a more respected profession
We offer our members a range of opportunities to benefit from and to contribute to all these aims.

Participation in GACSO Initiatives

All members can benefit by participating in any or all of Our initiatives. Currently we offer:

GACSO Community

GACSO Members can participate in our Members' Space on this website which comprises a Members' Forum, a Members' Directory and enables members to connect and communicate freely with each other. This space is only viewable and accessible to Members and Partner representatives.

In addition we hold regular meetings, workshops, events for Members, free of charge.

Career-long relevance

As GACSO membership is personal, not corporate, it has validity through all the stages of a member's development, in any role, at any organisation, and can be particularly valuable between jobs.  We aim to be always relevant to members as they progress through their professional life, and through each role they take on.

The first 100 days: Insight and Understanding

  • how to understand the business
  • build advocacy within the business
  • creating change
All members have the chance to engage with and learn from more experienced members with a wide range of experience gained from many years in SD roles. Every member can take advantage of hosting a GACSO roundtable, or a workshop, at their organisation involving other GACSO members. These can cover any topic that relates to the SD role and career that could help the member advance the SD role in their organisation.


  • how to not be alone – where to go for best practice/advice
  • how to create the environment for war stories
  • coaching/mentoring
  • development for training
  • training ourselves through the membership

By developing a membership with SD professionals from a wide and diverse range of industries, specialisations, experience and geographies, members will have many opportunities to learn from other members.

Transition, new roles

  • If disillusioned or bored – need inspiration
  • performance coach
  • support network
  • career planning and advice
  • CV/Profiling; positioning; writing own job description

Giving Back

As members' experience and responsibilities grow, many will want to help less experienced members of their team or other colleagues develop. This could be via formal coaching and mentoring or by less formal sharing of experience, wisdom and insights. GACSO offers both formal and informal opportunities for members to “give back” to the profession and directly to other members.


GACSO aims to be a leader in the development and professionalisation of the SD role and career. We require experienced SD professionals to lead and guide our own activities and initiatives. We can offer Director, Advisor and Leadership opportunities to members who have established themselves as thought leaders, successful practitioners and are highly regarded by their peers.
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