What does membership mean?

GACSO focuses on the professionalisation of the career and role of the sustainable development professional.  Our aim is to improve the understanding of the value such roles can bring to the process of embedding sustainable development within all kinds of organisations and in all kinds of cultures in countries around the globe.

We are relevant to all sustainability professionals who want to make a difference and contribute to making organisations successful across a broad set of criteria that create value for all stakeholders: shareholders, clients, staff, suppliers, communities and the environment, and for the future generations that follow us.  

Development of the role: creating a legacy

We offer sustainability professionals opportunities to participate in a wide range of initiatives that support these aims, while supporting them in their own personal development.

As a member you will can benefit from GACSO's core activities:

  • Contributing to clarifying and communicating the value, personal attributes, skills and talents that make sustainability professionals effective and successful
  • Engaging with organisations that are key players in the career development such as HR, Talent development, recruitment...
  • Clarifying career paths and and personal development strategies.

Self-development & Leadership

Membership is personal. So no matter what twists and turns your career takes, in different roles, in different sectors, in different countries, and also for those periods of reflection between jobs, GACSO membership can offer support and guidance.

Benefit from by participation in GACSO's member initiatives:

  • Mentor Me programme
  • Structured Group Mentoring
  • Hosting workshops with other GACSO members in your own organisation on topics of your choosing
  • Determining GACSO's aims and agenda
  • Take an active Leadership role in one or more initiatives or GACSO's Governance and Management

Contributing: making a difference

GACSO's central management structure supports all our activities and ensures that members can make a difference by only devoting a few hours per month.

GACSO is a community based on relationships, not a business network for transactions.  It's value and strength come from the membership: their desire and preparedness to contribute and to invite their colleagues to do the same.


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