Mentor Me

We all know “stuff”:
  • Industry sector insight
  • Organisational culture
  • Functional management
  • Technical / professional expertise
  • Our networks
  • 2 + 2 = 5
So how do we harness this knowledge in a way that benefits our fellow GACSO members?

Every GACSO member commits to giving two hours a month, pro bono, to provide tactical mentoring and insight to another member.  It could be to mentor or to be mentored.

Chatham House Rule applies and it works via completely off the record conversations between two people.  It could cover personal career or a technical, work related topics.

It’s a conversation, not a commitment to get involved or to assume responsibility.

And it should be fun, enlightening and valuable!

We support three types of mentoring for individuals:

Career path mentoring

  • helping other GACSO members to set and achieve a career goal
  • onus on mentees to have clear ideas about what they want to achieve
  • the mentor relationship to be 3-18 months and to agree up front goal (for completion/success) with the mentee
  • meet for a coffee once every 1-3 months

You can find out how to take part, either as a Mentor or Mentee, and download the Mentor Me proramme guides - 'Mentor Guide', 'Mentee Guide' - in the Members' Area (Members' Mentoring)

Sounding board

  • mentor acts as a confidential advisor to the mentee – it can be a two way thing, just having someone to run ideas by
  • mentee is able to discuss work or actions that they are not able to get from existing work relationships
  • meet up for a coffee once every 1-3 months, or as and when topics come up

Subject matter expertise

Collaborating to address specific questions on areas of expertise.  These requests for knowledge, tips, sources etc. can be sent by members to members via the Members Forum

In addition to these we also operate the Group Coaching Programme for peer to peer learning.
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