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Every organisation strives to be successful.  This simple assertion masks some very difficult decisions and trade-offs that they need to address: short-term verses long-term; the differing value that different stakeholders require, and the recognition, or not, of future generations, the environment and communities as stakeholders.

The Sustainability Professional has a key, and possibly unique, contribution to make to these strategic and operational issues.  However, no two roles are the same and organisations differ in the extent to which they accept the need to have such a role.  Where they do, the role is normally a unique one resulting in widely different role descriptions and responsibilities.  Frequently the scope of the role is dynamic and changes frequently.

GACSO’s members not only hold these roles, many have also been influential in creating and shaping them. They have the insights and experiences of doing the job that can be invaluable in understanding the possibilities, defining workable, high-impact role descriptions and development paths.

As an organisation, GACSO helps existing and aspiring sustainability professionals:

  • make wiser choices in jobs
  • to be more relevant in organisations
  • to have more impact
  • work with more excellence
  • be part of a more respected profession

We are collaborating with organisations that can support us and play a vital role in achieving these aspirations.

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