Six Degree People

Six Degree People is a leading boutique executive search and acquisition advisor in the area of Sustainable Business. We completed our first board level assignment in 1997.

70% of our work is focussed on executive search which include non executive and special advisor positions. We have 4 typical searches:

  1. Board level and senior director assignments for large international businesses looking to generate increased revenue and value from the sustainability agenda.
  2. Renewable Energy providers both large and small
  3. NGO's linked to sustainability, climate change and conservation- often searches to bring greater commercial acumen to their senior team
  4. Consulting firms servicing the above.

30% of our work is focussed on venturing and acquisition leveraging our global networks to help our clients usually in consulting or energy to idetify businesses to acquire or partner with.

In 2011 60% of our searches were instigated or based in Europe from Dublin in the West to Moscow in the East. From Stockhom to Istanbul.

30% of our work had an emerging markets focus and that trend is increasing. Diversity is also an increasing focus.

Our paper The 5 Stages to a Sustainable Business, has achieved widespread recognition and indeed has been used by many of our clients to identify the right profile to achieve their sustainable business goals.

Our partnership with Loftus Bradford enables us to address the increasing demands from our clients for non sustainability leaders to be able to see their area such as finance, supply or procurement through a sustainability lens.
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