What’s sustainable development?


The principle of sustainable development can be explained as:

‘...being able to meet our needs today, while ensuring that what we leave behind
for future generations is
sustainable, for people and the planet.’

The social and environmental challenges that this generates can be brigaded in any number of ways. One would be to demarcate four categories: carbon, finite resource consumption, poverty and social exclusion, physical and emotional wellbeing.

In one way or another, every GACSO member is facing up to one of these four challenges. Otherwise why would they join GACSO? The challenge of sustainable development and the need for a robust business response, is the route through which practitioners across the membership add value to their organisations.


Forget abstract, nebulous notions of ‘responsibility’ in business. Our agenda is oriented around a concrete challenge – global sustainable development – and our members are here to devise practical, commercially astute solutions in response.

GACSO’s role is to support them in every stage of their career, ‘codifying’ the best practice and encouraging questioning and learning that will help practitioners be more effective and respected in their profession.

GACSO members are also a distinctive breed of Corporate Sustainability practitioner:

  • they recognise the scale and urgency of the challenge of sustainable development; they understand that this requires radical transformation, not incremental change;
  • they possess the courage to ask awkward and disruptive questions in their businesses, never forgetting the commercial imperative.
  • and, crucially, they have the capability to lead their business through change and transition, always innovating, creating efficiency, communicating outputs and delivering value.



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