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  • ‘Achieving Net Gains in biodiversity’ ?

‘Achieving Net Gains in biodiversity’ ?

  • 18 Feb 2015
  • 16:00 - 17:12
  • Online Webinar

International times

  *   U.S  - New York  - 11.00 Start time

  • ·         Presenter - Dr Julia Baker -  Biodiversity Specialist, Parsons Brinckerhoff LTD.
  • ·         Host and facilitator – Nick Blyth, Policy & Engagement Lead, IEMA.
  •      Co-Speaker- Amelia Woodley, Safety & Sustainable Development, Network Rail.

If you are interested in attending this session and in participating please e-mail your interest by CLICKING HERE

When the commercial sector embraced the concept of sustainable development, the need to quantify results concerning environmental issues grew rapidly. Issues such as carbon, waste and water were given a ‘number’, which enabled businesses to set and deliver targets on sustainability performance. Biodiversity was never given a number and arguably has lagged behind, being a poor cousin in the world of corporate sustainability.

This web based session will examine the risks and opportunities of communicating biodiversity in numbers and applying offsetting to achieve development with a net gain.  It will draw on Network Rail’s Thameslink Net Positive Initiative as a case study, and include Q&A and wider discussion session on how the business sector can achieve the twin challenges of economic development and enhancing our natural world.

In line with members interests in securing a safe learning environment - This session will be held to a ‘Chatham house’ approach so members can directly raise questions and discuss issues with the presenter.  As well as attending, if you are interested in contributing directly to the discussion please do and if you can please let us know in advance (when you register). 

This event is open to GACSO members only.  GACSO are developing a series of web based events that will explore leading sustainability challenges. These sessions will be smaller more interactive webinars which we will seek to run to a Chatham house approach (safe environment for shared learning). They will be delivered with leading practitioners and include facilitated ‘open discussion’ sessions.  

If you wish to join this session please e-mail your interest by CLICKING HERE

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