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The Future Fit Business Benchmark - GACSO workshop and networking

  • 02 Feb 2016
  • 14:30 - 17:00
  • BMA House London

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is an initiative attracting real interest from leading sustainability professionals as a tool to guide strategic priorities, measure progress and potentially simplify reporting.  This workshop is an opportunity to hear first-hand about the initiative and also to engage with colleagues and peers to understand and feedback on its future potential and direction.  It will also be a networking opportunity for GACSO sustainability professionals.

The session will include a presentation describing what the benchmark is, why it’s needed, and how to use it by Dr Geoff Kendall, Co-Founder & CEO, Future-Fit Foundation  (30-40 Mins)

This will be followed by round table discussions, reviewing and feeding back on the initiative

More Background from the Future Fit Foundation    How would we know a truly sustainable company if we saw one? And how can we tell how far away a company is now from this destination? If you’re struggling to answer these questions, you’re not alone: it’s hard to assess real progress if the destination is unclear. And until now we’ve had no clear, credible and actionable definition of what being a truly sustainable company really means. The Future-Fit Business Benchmark aims to address this need, equipping business leaders and investors with a clear set of performance criteria that describe the minimum any company must do - no matter what its size or sector - to play its part in pursuit of a sustainable future. http://futurefitbusiness.org/about/introduction/

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