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Creating ESG Filters: Meeting 2

  • 22 Nov 2012
  • 12:00 - 13:30
  • Shell Centre York Road London, SE1 7NA


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This is the second meeting of the GACSO working group that builds on the outcomes from the first meeting.

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Meeting 1 briefing:

Paul Toyne, WSP, is inviting GACSO Members to defining a process for developing a set of ESG filters.

This first facilitated workshop will scope out the challenge and develop the process to generate a set of generic ESG filters.

Businesses will increasingly need to ensure they have the appropriate corporate governance to drive sustainable development outcomes, or at the very least justify their decision-making when outcomes lead to social and economic benefits, but worsen environmental conditions.


A short (3 months) research project involving the GACSO community seeks to understand the mechanisms available, particular investment filters.

What investments get approved today become the future pipeline that will determine many future sustainability outcomes, so it is right in the sweet-spot of a CSO role in managing risk and reputation and ensuring sustainability issues are probably assessed within the business.


“Live and current” examples of this can be provided by Paul Toyne WSP Group. He is dealing with a merger of a Canadian design and engineering consultancy heavily involved in natural resource management, including shale gas, and staff asking how this supports one of its core values, sustainability, and how such issues are discussed as part of the decision making process whether to bid/work on these projects.

With this in mind, the UK GACSO community will come together to do the following:

  1. Identify the types of investment filters deployed across sectors to manage ESG affairs and the governance that underpins it.
  2. What is best practice?
  3. Are there any common rules or basic principles that cut across all sectors?   What are the issues that must be included?
  4. Which external set of guidelines are key – UN Global Compact, Equator Principles, EU CSR policy etc…
  5. Produce an evidence document for use by GACSO members to support them in reviewing their existing procedures or assist in the development of policy in this area.

Key areas can then form the basis of material targeted to the investment community/analysts to support them asking the right questions around company policy in investor roadshows.


The first meeting on 1st November will be a brainstorming of the current evidence base, with the aim of developing an action plan to get to point 5.
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